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HK Tingmay Beauty equipmen-t CO.,Ltd is a manufacturer and wholesaler specializing in mask and other healthcare products with more than ten years history. We have many kinds of masks, including individual labor protective masks, surgical masks, active carbon masks. All masks can be approved by EC standards of European,and NIOSH standards of United States. Wherever you are, you can receive the goods in 3~10 days by by Global Express Expedited Shipping company such as DHL,FEDEX,UPS etc.

We have always retained our initial vision - offer the finest quality products at the best prices and to never forget that our customers are the most important asset we have, so we strive to exceed your expectations in the best and most efficient way possible.

Wholesale Face Mask Supplier From China factory!

Wholesale Face Mask


We have cooperated with major mask manufacturers. To help in selling the masks both in wholesale or according to your preference all around the globe.



Dropshipping Mask in Wholesale Price


Additionally, we dropship masks globally when you purchase them on wholesale. 


What is the N95 Rating?


The term N95 was derived after the mask was tested and found to prevent at best 95% of harmful particles that can cause health problems. To perform to its expectation, you must wear it properly.


Due to the high demand of the N95 mask and the low production of the mask by manufacturers. The price has gone up tremendously. Some online eCommerce stores like eBay have banned listing of N95 masks and hand sanitizers.


KN95 and N95 face masks are similar. So, don’t worry about the code. The only difference between them is the country they were tested at. As for KN95, its testing was done in China while N95 was in the USA. But their efficiency is the same.