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Are there any additional fees involved in shipping?

In some cases, there will be VAT (Value Added Tax), other taxes, customs duties and/or fees levied by your destination country. These additional charges for taxes or customs clearance charges are the responsibility of the recipient. Unfortunately, we cannot estimate what the charges may be since customs and taxation policies vary widely from country to country. For further details, please contact your destination local customs office or visit their official website. In some cases, customs clearance procedures are required; under these circumstances, delays may occur, which will affect our original delivery estimation time.

Normally we make shipping invoice much less than real order value to help customers minimize or even completely avoid any possible import tax. If customs ask for the payment proof, we could make a fake order which amount is same with shipping invoice. You pay that order and show the payment record to customs. Of course, we will refund you the payment soon. If you want us to send your parcel with the full 100% value invoice or any exact value, please let us know. Also if anything we need to do with the shipping invoice to help you clear goods, please tell us before shipment.

We will ask you when you make order as follow: